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CR&D design studio


We asked 3 furniture designer/makers to come into a workshop at the TENT and Super Brands exhibition and make a chair in 6 hours live in front of the public. The results have been outstanding. Each chair is unique to the creator and it is amazing to see how each maker has reacted differently to the materials and brief. As of today Sunday the 23rd of September all three chairs are being auctioned for the next 7 days on Ebay.


To bid on the chairs simply go to eBay and search for the designers name, X3, CR&D or Super Brands, or follow these links to bid on Sam Weller’s Chair, Alex Hellum’s, Jack Smith’s chairs.


Prices start at £250. Shipping will be extra by courier depending on location or you can arrange to come collect the chair from our studio in Haggerston, East London.


Proceeds from the auction will be going to the Charity “UK Youth.” UK Youth is a national charity which supports over 750,000 young people all over the UK to engage with non-formal learning opportunities. Their Youth Achievement Foundations offer practical activities to engage young people in learning who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion from mainstream education. These networks can be found at Many of them offer woodwork, carpentry and other practical design related skills that these young people really engage with. Therefore the donations from the X3 chair auction will be going directly to a very suitable and relevant cause.