Creative Research & Developement

CR&D design studio

X3 at TENT and Super Brands London is
an installation by Creative Research and Development, a London based design studio. For X3, CR&D will be curating three furniture makers to each make a chair with the same materials within an allocated amount of time live at the TENT and Superbrands London exhibition.
There will be one maker per day and each maker will have 6 hours to complete their design. On the fourth day all three chairs will be displayed within the stand.
The chairs will then be auctioned with proceeds going to the charity “UK Youth” for support of local youth groups involved in hands on education.

The X3 workshop will be contained in a clear cube allowing members of the public to view the process of ‘design making’ in action. Once inside the cube the maker cannot have help from the outside world. All three makers will be given the same tools and set of materials with which to construct.
The Makers: On day one we have Sam Weller a widely exhibited, passionate designer who has recently graduated from the RCA. On day two we have Alex Hellum whose designs are based on observation, utility and the honest use of materials. On the third day we will be Jack Smith, of SmithMatthias, an established product designer who pieces are widely available
on the market.