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X3 was an installation by Creative Research and Development, a London based branding and graphic design studio, which took place at Super Brands and TENT London on the 20th-23rd of September 2012. For the feature space CR&D curated 3 furniture makers to each make a chair within an allocated amount of time, whilst in a purpose built workshop, live in front of the public at the Super Brands exhibition. There was one maker per day and each maker had 6 hours in which to complete their design. All makers were given the same materials to use. On the fourth day of the exhibition all 3 chairs were displayed within the stand. The chairs are now up for auction via eBay with proceeds from the sale going to charity.

X3 Jack Smith Final Chair

X2 Alex Hellum Final Chair 

X1 Sam Weller Final Chair

Uk Youth logo
It is now possible to bid on the chairs.
Proceeds will be going to the Charity “UK Youth” which supports over 750,000 young people all over the UK to engage with non-formal learning opportunities. Click here for more info about the auction.

7:30pm Jack finally finishes. His chair looks amazing the concept was tricky and looks like he pulled it off. The applause rings out as he hoists his chair for all to see.

18:56. The chair is revealing itself in all its beauty. Nice one Jack!

18:43. As Jack is completing his chair a small crowd gathers around the X3 stand.

18:00. An hour to go. Jack is focused on fine tuning the last details.

17: 15. Jack’s chair is coming together very nicely. We are looking forward to seeing the final product!

14.42 Starting to make some headway with his design, Jacks working on the more finer  join details.

Jack is has now commenced, eager to get a head start he plunges in 5 minutes early.


Day Three is about to kick off. The anticipation grows to see what jack will make. Check in at 1pm to see him start live.

Alex is all done, a nice coat of red paint for the seat and it’s all finished, another successful day at the X3 workshop.

As people gather around the chair is completed. Red seat and all.

Alex Hellum Finishing touches

18:54 Alex is almost across the finishing line. He is now polishing off the last details.

17:43. Less than 90 minutes to go.

16:34. Alex is making good headway. All the pieces are triangulating well, the precision is intense and accurate.

15:37. More pictures of Alex in action.

15:07. Four hours to go. The chair begins to take shape.

14:09 Alex seems really focused on his work. We have also been quite busy filming the today’s event.

13:05. Alex has just started working on his chair.

Day 2. Everything is ready to go. It will be another exciting afternoon.

Day one comes to a close. As Sam completes the task everyone gathers around to watch.
All in all a great success.

Less than 15 minutes to go. The chair is almost ready and people are gathering around the X3 stand to see Sam in action.

6:35 Sam is almost across the finishing line…

5:15 Sam Weller is joining his chair.

Sam Weller working on his chair. It’s 3.25: he has another 3 hours to finish it.

X3 is now live. We are all systems go. Sam Weller started at 1pm sharp and is now busily in the process of making his chair.

The 3 maker at X3 Super Brands

We have finalised the Makers line-up: On day one we have Sam Weller a widely exhibited, passionate designer who has recently graduated from the RCA. On day two we have Alex Hellum whose designs are based on observation, utility and the honest use of materials. On the third day we will have Jack Smith, of SmithMatthias an established product designer who has a passion for manufacturing responsible products with intelligence and attention to detail.
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3d Render of the workshop - Front View
X3 Cube 3d render

The X3 Workshop.